Versatile Baker Scaffold Rentals: Reach Greater Heights with Ease

Baker scaffolding is also known as multi-purpose scaffolding. It can be used for several of projects going around your house, business or industrial application. The Baker scaffold is flexible with a working area of 6x3 ft; it is adjustable and can be safely stacked (up to 24 ft.). Our baker scaffolding unit is commercial grade that can be used for household work as well. It has a convenient locking system which allows you to quickly height adjustment. Scaffolding rentals are economical that helps you reach the toughest space with the ease.

The safety of your employees should come as a first. Chances of getting injury and accidents are always high, so get rid of it. There is a risk of falling when employees work on heights. Opt for a scaffolding rental option that serves you as a secure fixed platform and reduce the risk of injury.

If we compare the ladder with scaffold structure, it is more convenient, it saves a lot of time by speeding up your project. Ladders are not a secure platform whereas the scaffolding rental option enables your employees to work on greater heights without moving scaffold. Baker scaffolding protects your building as the weight is supported on a separate platform. We can install and fix them anywhere as it is made up of different parts.

These work platforms offer contractors and consumers affordability, mobility, safety and ease of use. No tools required, with tower sets up to 24’ height. We also offer:

  • Guardrails
  • Outriggers
  • Casters

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