Quick and Easy System Scaffold Rentals for Versatile Construction Projects

The system scaffolding is quick and easy to erect, and provides a superior working platform compared to traditional scaffolding. I also provides a better aesthetic finish.

A system scaffolding structure is essentially a frame structure that has evolved from the general principles of tube and fitting scaffolding, but utilizes a specialized modular connection. The major difference between tube and fitting and system scaffolds is the connection between the uprights (or “standards”), the horizontal members (or “transoms and ledgers”), and the diagonal members (or “braces”).

The connection between the various members normally consists a specially designed mouth piece at the ends of the horizontal and diagonal tube members and a rosette device at regular spacing up the standard, or other similar modular connection

The main advantage of system scaffolds over traditional tube and fitting scaffolds is that the erection speed is greatly increased; it’s not unusual for a system scaffold structure to be put up in a quarter of the time of a similar size traditional tube and fitting scaffold structure.


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